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Barbara the Bunny Mini

Barbara the Bunny Mini

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6.5 inches


Designed by various tattoo artists
Ultra soft mink polyester fur
High-quality certification

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ALL ABOUT Barbara the Bunny Mini

6.5 inch mini beanie

Ever since she was a child Barbara wanted to either be a glam metal rocker or one of their barbers. She’s come pretty close as the owner of a salon specializing in hair styles reminiscent of the 80’s Sunset Strip scene. With the amount of hairspray in that place you better not light a match within 1,000 yards.

There’s plenty of head banging music playing in her salon, which is decked out in concert posters and ticket stubs from her favorite bands like Twister Scissor and Motley Crew Cut. If you can hear her over the music you’ll learn she’s quite the conversationalist who knows a little bit about everything. You can ask her about ancient Roman history or her thoughts on raising the federal interest rate. Just don’t ask her to turn the music down.

In her free time you can find her working on her collection of hot rods, whose engines are somehow even louder than their speaker systems. They’re fast, powerful, and sure to leave any tortoise in the dust for good. And yes, her pile of unpaid tickets is proof she’s been known to drive more than a hare over the speed limit.

A Taurus, Barbara’s quick with a joke, and you can often find her at open mic nights. If you’re a customer you’ll probably recognize yourself in one of her bits--try not to take it personally.