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Dwayne the Wrestling Rhino

Dwayne the Wrestling Rhino

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15 inches


Designed in partnership with tattoo artist Rod Medina
Ultra soft mink polyester fur
High-Quality certification

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ALL ABOUT Dwayne the Wrestling Rhino

The star of the World Organization of Wrestling (WOW), Dwayne has been entertaining fans of all ages since he transitioned to wrestling after blowing out his ACL playing college baseball.

Relying on his signature move, the Horn Flip, Dwayne quickly rose from the ranks of the league’s heels to finally defeat the legendary Chim-PainZ in 2019. He finally owns the championship belt, now he just needs to lose a few pounds of muscle so it will actually fit around his waist.

A true gym rat, the copious amounts of protein powder, wheat grass, and semi-legal performance enhancing substances Dwayne has ingested have left him a little erratic and short-tempered. Couple that with his massive inferiority complex growing up the smallest in his family, and he’s not someone you want to cross. If you think wrestling is fake, talk to the referee who double parked behind Dwayne’s car before a match (you’ll have to wait until his mouth is no longer wired shut)

Dwayne is also the first to let you know that he’s “not just a wrestler.” A multi-talented artist, he’s also a singer, actor, and writer. He hopes to one day parlay the professional success he’s had in the ring into the production of movies, including his idea for a semi-autobiographical film about a rhino who rises from the ranks of wrestling to become a producer of films.