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Hiro the Karate Pig

Hiro the Karate Pig

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Birth Sign



15 inches


Ultra-soft mink polyester fur
Various tattoo artist designed tattoos
High-Quality certification

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ALL ABOUT Hiro the Karate Pig

The runt of his litter, Hiro’s clumsy and schlubby body sometimes gets in the way of his big dreams. First he aspired to be a tightrope walker, then a ballerina, and finally a big wave surfer. The YouTube video of all his falls and wipeouts is over 20 hours long, but that hasn’t stopped him from trying his latest hobby and obsession: becoming a ninja. We’re wishing him the best of luck.

Frankly, it seems that all of Hiro’s agility and skill is concentrated in his two hands. He enjoys expertly playing the piano and performing card tricks, and was a promising young surgeon before accidentally setting the hospital’s burn ward on fire.

Now he’s a sushi chef, and the only thing he misses about the E.R. is washing his hands for 2 minutes at a time. We should mention that, like many Virgos, he is a bit of a neat freak, and if you can’t find him in the kitchen then chances are he’s in the shower.

His tidiness extends to his collection of antique swords, as well as his collection of books about antique swords. When not reorganizing those he is likely working on drawings of--you guessed it--antique swords.

It’s hard not to love this ambitious pig, just be sure not let him near anything breakable.