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Kenji the Panda Mini

Kenji the Panda Mini

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6.5 inches


Ultra-soft mink polyester fur
Tattoo artwork by artist Mooravan
High-Quality certification

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ALL ABOUT Kenji the Panda Mini

6.5 inch mini beanie

Kenji is the resident healer and therapist of the zoo. You know when he’s arrived at the party because it suddenly smells like someone set fire to a shipping container of incense candles.

A classic Gemini, Kenji is a kind soul, and he’s made it his mission in life to help others overcome whatever is holding them back.

That said, he does have a few phobias of his own, such as heights, public speaking, cactuses, small spaces, big spaces, and averaged-size spaces. He’s also deathly afraid of being a therapist.

In fact, sessions typically end with the patient holding a sobbing Kenji.

Full disclosure: he is not technically or legally a “psychiatrist.” But he does hold a Certificate of Course Completion from Mrs. Todd’s School of Appliance Repair and Spiritualism. So he knows a thing or two about energy flow--plus he can fix most dishwashers.

His favorite food is PB&J, which he packs for lunch in a brown paper bag--the same one he’ll be breathing in and out of if he sees a spider.

To help with his anxiety, Kenji likes to listen to classical music, write poems about sandy beaches, and constantly ask others if everything will be okay.